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Friday, May 27, 2016

Enhance Religious Services and Education with Multimedia Furniture

Today’s religious leaders use multimedia in a variety of ways to engage with their congregations. Just as public speakers in business and education depend on computers, tablets, and smartphones to bring their presentations to life, these devices enhance services, educational programs, and community events in houses of worship.

From the sanctuary to the narthex to the fellowship hall, devices are used to display images, organize presentation materials, play music, and more. Sound systems also play a vital role in larger rooms, carrying the speaker’s voice and other audio to the far reaches of the audience. Technology makes the possibilities seemingly endless – but sometimes overwhelmingly complex.

Clergy and other presenters need tools to help them control, transport, and store their devices to deliver their messages effectively.

Multimedia presentation furniture fills that vital role. The new generation of products support a wide range of high tech devices, in a wide variety of styles that are at home in sanctuaries, classrooms, and fellowship halls.

Choosing the right multimedia furniture depends on the specific needs of the presentation and its setting.

Manufacturers like AmpliVox offer options that range from strictly utilitarian to traditionally elegant. Here are a few important factors to consider in making a choice:

Integration Options:

How well does the furniture support the types of technology you anticipate using? If multiple devices are commonly part of your presentations, think about furniture with dedicated shelves, dataports, cable reservoirs, and surge protectors to simplify connectivity. Rack mounts allow for the installation of sound equipment, preferably with capability for audio streaming. Desktop controls for sound system functions make it easy to make adjustments without juggling devices.

Security and Mobility:

Will your furniture serve as permanent storage for document cameras or other expensive equipment?

Look for designs with lockable cabinets, shelves, and cables to keep everything secure.

If the furniture and equipment will need to move from room to room, be sure to choose furniture with smooth-rolling, sturdy casters that will transport delicate electronics safely.


Multimedia furniture does not have to look like it came from the AV Club. Even the most traditional pulpits can be complemented by attractive furniture with concealed technical muscle. Maintain the integrity and dignity of your presentations by investing in multimedia furniture that fits the setting in which it will be used.

AmpliVox offers lecterns in a wide variety of materials, from traditional hardwoods to contemporary acrylics, contributing to the beauty of the room while enhancing the presentation of the service. Multimedia technology, when used skillfully, delivers presentations that are more engaging, interactive, and inspirational. Well-designed presentation furniture makes that technology easily accessible so that any speaker can use devices with confidence. Take the time to investigate the wide range of available presentation furniture options and don’t compromise style for functionality – in today’s market, the best manufacturers can provide you with both