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Monday, November 17, 2014

Storytellers Engage Imaginations with Help from AmpliVox Sound Systems

As Two Voices, Darlene and Larry Neumann share stories and songs from experience, history, and folklore of the world.
When storytellers Darlene and Larry Neumann connect with an audience, they have the power to transport imaginations and inspire spirits.

They share stories and songs from their personal family experiences, as well as traditional tales from around the world.

The Neumanns, who perform as “Two Voices Storytelling,” share their stories with audiences of all ages in a wide range of venues.

In order to bring their traditional tales to life in word and song, they rely on AmpliVox Sound Systems for perfect clarity, amplification, and versatility.

According to Larry, "Using the AmpliVox SW800 Portable PA System has made a tremendous difference for our storytelling.

The crisp, clear sound means that audiences can participate actively in our stories. We love the flexibility of using the handheld wireless mic or the wireless headset mics.”

That flexibility is vital to performers who are constantly on the go between schools, libraries, outdoor festivals, churches, and assisted living centers.

“The stand for the speaker means we can perform in spaces large or small and be heard with ease,” notes Larry. “We also appreciate how easy the system is to transport and set up.”
Darlene also values the ability to easily integrate the sound system with musical elements of their performance.

“We have especially appreciated being able to plug in Larry’s acoustic/electric guitar to balance the guitar and voices when we perform. It is great that we have no feedback to deal with, even when we use two mics and the guitar,” says Darlene.

The Neumanns have complete confidence in their AmpliVox system as an essential part of their storytelling practice. "Even when a venue says they can supply a sound system, we trust our SW800 for our performances.

We have used the system in gymnasiums, libraries and classrooms, for all day workshops, performances and workshops. We can't imagine being without it now!"

AmpliVox salutes Two Voices Storytelling for their commitment to sharing, educating, and entertaining. We are glad to support their work and wish them many more years of storytelling success.

For information on Two Voices Storytelling, their programs, workshops and venues please visit: www.twovoicesstorytelling.com