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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Lectern Logos: Custom Logos for Lecterns Video

Why not reinforce your brand every time someone presents? Put your logo on a stylish AmpliVox lectern and your image will stand above the rest.

AmpliVox’s Custom Made Logos appear everywhere you look:

Logos for causes that
honor a worthy name

Logos designed to
extend school fame

Logos for groups that make your pride swell

Logos that promote
the bodies healing well

Logos that name the
hotel where you are sitting

Logos that celebrate
major league hitting

Logos you notice while hearing a choir

Logos that seem to burn with fire

Logos that promote our military branches

Logos that push your teams winning chances

Logos recognizing a
love of golf and more

Logos you can always see in a store

Logos that feature products like gears

Logos that always bring on the cheers

Promote your organizations brand using any type of AmpliVox lectern: wood, acrylic, contemporary, multimedia or tabletop. Choose from logo materials that include vinyl, PVC, engraved material, acrylic, engraved anodized aluminum or cast aluminum. A variety of textures and finishes are also available.