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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Portable Sound Equipment for Auctioneers Keeps the Audience Fully Engaged

Professional auctioneer Ron Bernardi relies on AmpliVox Sound System products to maximize sales in a wide variety of auction settings.
Auctions take place in perhaps the most diverse range of settings possible. From hushed art galleries to elegant charity diners to dusty cattleyards, auctioneers orchestrate the sale of goods for the highest possible price through their power to generate interest and enthusiasm amongst potential bidders.

To help accomplish that goal, AmpliVox Sound Systems offers a variety of portable PA products to ensure that the auctioneer's voice carries loud and clear to every buyer at the event.

Auctioneers face an exhausting list of vocal responsibilities during a sale. The announcement, description, and bidding of a parade of items, along with the general management of the event, all need to be fully audible over the buzz of conversation and other background noises.

AmpliVox sound equipment enables the auctioneer to keep the audience fully engaged without voice fatigue. Auctioneer PA systems provide great voice amplification and saves your voice from hoarseness or strain that can be caused by talking above the background noise and voices of the crowd for long periods of time.

Additionally, wireless systems allow the auctioneer to move freely around the room for a personalized interactive experience.

Our selection of portable sound systems allow auctions to host various crowd sizes in different environments, indoors or outdoors. All PA systems are battery powered allowing for greater mobility.

AmpliVox's line of portable sound systems includes options for any auction setting, such as:

Half-Mile Hailer System

A powerful, durable 50-watt system with a weatherproof, wireless horn speaker that clearly projects sound for up to a half mile.

Voice Projector PA System Bundle

A sophisticated wireless system with speakers that can be positioned up to 500 feet apart for maximum sound coverage.

Digital Audio Travel Partner

The most versatile system, with options for multiple wireless mic users, connectivity with iPhones and iPads, a built-in CD player, and more.

Tital Wireless Portable PA

A powerful all-in-one package with a 100-watt amp.

Sound Cruiser Car PA

a roof-mounted 50-watt speaker system that turns the auctioneer's car or truck into an outdoor staging area.

Professional auctioneer Ron Bernardi uses AmpliVox Sound Systems for all his indoor and outdoor auctions, noting that, "The main thing auctioneers need is a sound system that gets people's attention. AmpliVox sound is so clear, crisp, and engaging that it makes the charity events I do very profitable."

"Auctioneers around the country are having great success using AmpliVox products," noted Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO. "They know they can depend on our portable sound systems to deliver perfect sound quality in any setting. That clarity translates into better communication with bidders and higher sale prices."

For details about AmpliVox's line of auctioneering products, visit http://www.ampli.com/pa-systems/auctioneers.aspx.