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Friday, May 28, 2010

Frequently Answered Questions about Our Products

Our Frequently Answered Question Page answers many of the questions you have about Amplivox's products or sound systems in general.

We have different categories organizing the questions which are as follows:

Listed below is a sample of some useful questions and answers:

What is a Dual Module Speaker?

Model S1201 is a Dual Module Speaker. It has 2 speakers built into a durable acoustically carpeted cabinet with built-in handle & tripod mount.

When I turn my amplifier on, nothing happens.

First, check your power source: If you are powering the system with 10 D-cell alkaline batteries, check each battery to see that it is producing 1.5 volts (15 volts total). If you are using the external AC Adapter/recharger (AmpliVox Model S1460), connect it to the jack marked "DC In". The output will be 15 volts, 2 amps, with center positive.If you are using our rechargeable system, turn the amp power switch to the "OFF" position, connect the S1465 NiCad Battery Pack to the matching connector inside the amp, and plug in the S1460 AC Adapter/recharger. Leave the amp power switch off until you complete the charging process (8-12 hours or overnight).

How do I avoid squealing or feedback?

Where should I be in relation to the "speaker" in the unit? Feedback occurs when your microphone is too close to the speakers. To avoid feedback in any sound system the presenter should stand to either side of or behind the speakers. When standing in front, the presenter should leave at least 10 feet between herself and the speakers. You can also turn down the microphone volume.

Can I add more microphones to my AmpliVox sound system?

Yes. You can add wireless mics as well as wired mics. The amplifier has 3 mic inputs. You can purchase an external mixer, which will increase the number of mic inputs.


Amplivox's products fit a wide variety of events with some suggested events being trade shows, seminars, workshops, religious events, sporting events, cruise ships, career fairs, conventions, concerts, exhibitions, track meets, charity events, fund raising events, walk-a-thons, meetings, banquets, festivals, parades, and our markets which include government, education, sports, corporate, hospitality/entertainment, worship, healthcare, law enforcement/fire department.

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