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Friday, April 16, 2010

International Resellers of Amplivox Podiums, Lecterns, and Sound Systems

Do you know the song, "It's a Small World After All"? This world is only getting smaller with rapidly increasing communication and transportation technologies.

Instead of taking weeks for traveling long distances, one can go anywhere in the world in about a day.

Amplivox offers easy access to Amplivox products all over the world and has international resellers who can help you fill your sound system and podium needs in most areas of the world. Our goal is to make our product easy to purchase for those who wish to buy from outside of the United States.

Search by U.S. State or by continent:
Here's a list of countries that have resellers: Canada, China, Egypt, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

Do you need a high quality podium/lectern, PA system, or portable sound system but are not listed above? Don't worry if you are not one of these countries, we offer affordable international shipping to anywhere in the world.

At AmpliVox we specialize in international distribution. For more complete information please contact us at 800-267-5486 (8am to 5pm EST M-F) or email us for assistance with your order.