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Friday, October 09, 2009

Green Pinnacle Lectern

October 09, 2009 3:50 PM CT

AmpliVox Sound Systems Reintroduces the All New Greener Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern.

AmpliVox® Sound Systems is proud to announce the Reintroduction of a greener Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern! The Pinnacle has also undergone a complete redesign and a host of new features have been included making it a much better buy for the same cost to the consumer!

NORTHBROOK, IL--(AmpliVox - October 9, 2009) - A proud chapter in Amplivox history is being written as a greener and more feature rich line of products is being offered. The flagship of this new effort for Amplivox is the reintroduction of a greener Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern packed with new features and quality built in the USA.

Care for the environment and a desire to reduce post-consumer waste led Amplivox use primarily recycled plastic materials in construction of the Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern. Amplivox wants the consumer to know that it is striving for excellence in environmental standards and hopes that others will manufacture products that reduce our impact on the environment.

Amplivox's greener Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern has also become a better buy for consumers with new value added features that don't come with any increase in cost to the consumer. These Include...
  • Our 50 Watt Amplifier and 2 Jensen Design Speakers built into the unit (SW3250). Speak to audiences of up to 1,500 in rooms of up to 15,000 square feet.
  • The contours of the cabinet have been redesigned for a more elegant look and recessed handles and locking industrial casters have been added for easy maneuverability.
  • There is also now a six outlet surge suppressor strip for AC power, which is perfect for all your multimedia devices.
  • The Pinnacle's reading surface is now flat so your laptop, projector or other device stays safe and secure.
The host of new options compliments the existing features that we've continued to include on Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern. These features include...
  • XLR Output and cable for plugging right into an existing sound system (ST3250 & SW3250 only)
  • Virtually indestructible hard shell plastic construction that is still strong enough to survive almost any abuse.
  • The sensitive electret gooseneck mic that picks up vocals up to 18" away
  • Console Features: Built-in Timer, LED reading lamp and comfortable padded wrist rest.
  • Convenient shelf for notes, water or multimedia storage.
Our SW3250 model comes equipped with a built in 50 watt sound system with your choice of wireless microphone (lapel, headset, handheld or collar mic) and two built-in Jensen design speakers with acoustical housings. It also has all the great features of the ST model, which include XLR Output, XLR Microphone cord, 6 outlet surge suppressor and AC in plug (IEC Type). Our ST3250 model comes ready to be used with an existing sound system with the XLR out and the other great features that have just been listed. If your looking for a non-sound lectern that's easy to move and will last a lifetime, our SN3250 comes without any built in sound features.

To find out more visit our Pinnacle Page! (http://www.ampli.com/sn3250.htm)

MSRP for the SN3250 is $1,357.00, the ST3250 is $1,671.00 and the SW3250 is $2,193.00.

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