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Monday, June 08, 2009

Amplivox Roving Rostrum Design Concept Beats the Competition

Amplivox Roving Rostrum Design Concept Beats the Competition In Sound Tests Hands Down with 180 degree audience sound coverage and internal storage space.

NORTHBROOK, IL--(Amplivox - May 28, 2009) - New sound concept features allowed the Roving Rostrum Tabletop Podium PA to beat the competition hands down in recent tests. The Roving Rostrum Tabletop Podium PA (http://www.ampli.com/sw124.htm) Amplivox tabletop PA was found to provide more space for your audience to the right and left with angled speakers and its accessory storage area was certainly an added value.

Recently the Roving Rostrum and a Leading Competitor were compared in a variety of sound comparison and feature tests. The first of these compared the surface area of the speaker cone. With all else being equal the bigger the speaker cone the louder the speaker. The competition's two single cone round 4" speakers have a combined cone surface area of less than 26 inches. The Roving Rostrum has two 6"x8" oval speakers for a combined surface area of over 42 inches. Our speaker also uses dual cone speakers that have a smaller auxiliary cone placed on top of the main cone, which provides even smoother frequency response even off axis with the careful matching axis design of these two cones.

Secondly each units volume or output decibel ratings at various frequencies were tested. From 700Hz to 10 KHz the competition’s SPL is 95dB +/- 5dB, but the Roving Rostrum’s SPL is 101dB +/- 5dB providing an additional 6dB of volume. See Figure B.

Also tested was the volume across 30, 60 and 90 degrees from the unit. The cyan line (in figure C) is the “on axis curve” with the microphone directly in front of the podium. The Competition's line is fairly smooth but fades away sharply at 15 KHz. This will not affect vocals; however, the playing of music will be affected by the lack of upper harmonics (higher notes). Amplivox's dual cone speaker however shows smooth response even to 20 hz. The green lines in both charts represents the microphone placed 30 degrees off center of the podium with yellow being 60 degrees and Red representing 90 degrees off center. Notice that the competition has very large and wide dips and peaks…as much as 35dB from center. The Roving Rostrum, however, is much smoother in its gradual drop off with the maximum change of only 10db! This is why anyone sitting off to one side or the other of the competitor's unit will have a much harder time hearing and understanding. See Figure C.

The incredible performance of the Amplivox model particularly in this third test was made possible with the new space design of the Roving Rostrum. In designing the unit the two speakers were angled into the unit (for wider sound coverage) making room for plenty of storage space. The unit's accessories (microphones, cables etc.) can easily store inside the front of the unit with this innovation. So the new space design allowed both a wider amount of space for the audience to sit to the right and left, and a large storage space for accessories.

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