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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Blog has Begun

Welcome to the start of a new day for Amplivox Sound Systems!

Anyone can come here and find out about the latest innovations in web marketing, audio technology, lectern design and special money saving offers from Amplivox Sound Systems. You'll find out what we at Amplivox love about our sound systems and hear our latest thoughts on web marketing, industry trends and of course hear about product offers.

Our newest and in my opinion greatest product is the Digital Travel Audio Partner. It far exceeds the sound and quality of the Travel Audio Pro even though its smaller! It nearly triples the amplifier wattage (now at 250 watts) and comes with a remote control so you can change the volume while giving the presentation across the room.

Feel free to leave any comments! I'll look forward to reading them! Michael Upton Amplivox Sound Systems LLC.