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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tech & Learning Live: Enhancing Multimedia In Classrooms

Tech & Learning Live is a high-powered, one-day event that provides K-12 decision makers with thought-provoking content on the hottest topics of the day in education technology.

An engaging and intimate setting, expert presentations and plenty of networking opportunities to ensure that participants leave with practical tools and key contacts for continued rich communities of practice.

AmpliVox CEO, Don Roth, will be at the event in Chicago on Friday, May 11, 2018 to present a discussion on "Specialized Furniture That Enhances Multimedia In Classrooms".

Remember the days of the big metal cart rolling down the hall with the giant TV and the VCR?

Thankfully, today's furniture is more functional, secure and also attractive.

Educators use a variety of multimedia devices to engage students and enhance learning such as:

  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Projectors
  • Smartboards
  • Document Cameras
  • Smartphones

Effective devices need to be readily available for teachers and students to use. Being connected to sufficient audio is important, with storage to keep all audio visual equipment secured and ready-to-go.

The right multimedia furniture choices make digital equipment easier to use.

Obstacles to using classroom multimedia devices include:

  • Complicated setup
  • Devices not working properly
  • Equipment creates a cluttered classroom
  • Moving devices from room to room
  • Keeping devices charged
  • Inability of students to see/hear presentations
  • Keeping devices secure

Today’s furniture options offer customization to meet the needs and budgets of all different types of schools and situations.These are the multimedia features to look for when selecting a Lectern, Mobile Workstation, Portable PA System or Line Array Speaker.

Lecterns: One Size Does Not Fit All

Used extensively for high school/college classrooms, auditoriums, and meeting rooms, lecterns provide all-in-one storage and setup solutions.

With integrated shelves for projectors, power strips and data ports for devices and built-in sound systems, their lockable storage cabinets keeps all devices secure.

Mobile Workstations

When devices are shared between classrooms easily keep equipment "ready to go" with lockable cabinets, fold-out shelves for projectors, and rack mounts for sound system components. Sturdy, lockable casters provide for stable transportation and power strips and data ports allow for easy connectivity.

Portable Sound Systems

Ensure that all students can hear presentations. Your sound system should support wireless microphones and Bluetooth® streaming capabilities. AmpliVox Portable PA Systems are available in a wide range of sizes and power.

Line Array Speakers

Provide extra audio support for presentations, Line Array Speakers can be integrated with video conference carts, digital signage, and interactive white boards to deliver crystal clear sound in any setting.

The slim, lightweight compact line array speakers are designed with versatility and functionality in mind so they could be mounted onto any audio visual furniture, making it a perfect fit for adding a passive or amplified speaker to your media carts, projector carts or computer workstation.

Find the perfect Classroom Multimedia Furniture Solution for your School.

Contact AmpliVox for more information.

Friday, May 04, 2018

Facility Engineering Associates 2018 School Safety Conference

The Facility Engineering Associates (FEA) hosted their annual School Safety Conference on April 18th 2018 at the Bristol Palace in Mount Prospect, IL.

District and School Administrators, Police and Fire Departments, Transportation Directors, and Emergency Managers attended the event to heighten their safety awareness in the field of school safety and crisis prevention.

Guest speakers covered topics ranging from school and campus shootings/attacks, effective school security, school safety planning and tools utilized for school safety. This years event was brought to you by:

AmpliVox Sound Systems was at the event hosting a booth and excited to meet with so many professionals who share our commitment to making schools safer.

AmpliVox’s megaphones, hailers, and other portable sound systems provide clear, reliable communication in all types of situations.

In emergencies, AmpliVox grab-and-go systems broadcast instructions wherever they are needed, cutting through chaos to facilitate safe evacuations.

Portable sound also improves daily school operations, including traffic control, assemblies, athletic events, and any other activity involving large groups.

AmpliVox offers dozens of popular portable sound system options, including:

Half-Mile Hailer

A powerful loudspeaker PA that can be clearly heard up to half a mile away, all from a compact and portable all-weather unit.

AmpliVox Hailers are available for specific applications, like the S/SW312 Sound Cruiser roof-mounted system for vehicles.

Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus (SW925)

Our most complete, all-in-one PA system, with a 250 watt amplifier that will clearly and powerfully project your voice over an audience of up to 7500 people in a room size of up to 25,000 square feet.

You're in control with built-in Media Player allowing you to play your own recorded music using your SD card or Thumb Drive.

AirVox PA System

Our new portable system that combines a powerful central PA with supplementary wireless speakers for wide area coverage without cords or complicated set-up.

The AmpliVox AirVox Mobile PA System is the ideal battery powered, all-in-one wireless compact portable PA solution with Bluetooth® connectivity.

Titan Wireless Portable PA System

A versatile go-anywhere PA with a 100 watt amplifier and wireless mic options. Equipped with a wired handheld mic with your choice of wireless microphone, and a luggage handle with wheels.

You can also play your music with the built-in CD player, USB Flash Drive input, or through the SD slot.

Audio Portable Buddy

An easy-to-carry sound system in a briefcase-style design, powerful enough to reach audiences of up to 1,000 people in rooms up to 10,000 square feet.

A proven "Road Warrior", specially tooled and molded plastic briefcase-style enclosure for exceptional durability and portability. Travels and sets up so easily.


A wide variety of versatile Megaphones, including specialty products like the S606 Safety Wand Megaphone for enhanced traffic and crowd control, and the WP609R ProMarine Waterproof Megaphone for use around pools and waterfronts as well as extreme weather conditions.

In addition, AmpliVox carries hundreds of lecterns and other furniture products to enhance classrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, and outdoor event spaces.

Equipped with integrated sound systems or paired with wireless portable systems, AmpliVox lecterns are available in styles to fit every need and budget.

AmpliVox is proud to offer Made in the USA products with a warranty of up to six years. You can see many of our products in action on the AmpliVox YouTube channel.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Commemorating and Advocating at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world's busiest passenger airport and the country’s liveliest airport for arrivals and departures of domestic and international flights.

Its concourses are filled with panels that reflect the culture of the city. Celebrities, professional athletes, historical figures, and legendary monuments of Atlanta greet each traveler with a taste of southern hospitality.

The airport prides itself on providing safe traveling options for millions of people that come and go on a daily basis. A major component to Hartsfield’s traveling efficiency is the hospitality offered throughout the airport.

From the service of ticket and gate agents, to the communication of safety procedures from TSA agents at security checkpoints, to the food courts and vendors in each concourse, hospitality is a focal point at Hartsfield-Jackson. Occasionally, the Airport will even host events for the holiday seasons, or events for a cause.

MLK 50 Forward: A Commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On April 5th 2018, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport hosted an event that honored the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This memorable occasion was centered around the theme, "MLK50 Forward", an initiative originated by the famous monument in Atlanta, The King Center.

The Domestic Terminal Atrium featured poignant remarks and moving performances to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the iconic leader’s assassination.

With the help of an AmpliVox 3250 Multimedia Podium, the audience was inspired as an orator recited the words of Dr. King’s last speech "MoutainTop".

Being that the Airport’s culture is one of excellence in the hospitality industry, AmpliVox is honored to have been relied upon to provide a professional image, during such a historic event.

Made in the USA, the Pinnacle Lectern features a 16 channel wireless sound system with a 150 watt amplifier that is powerful enough to reach audiences up to 2000 people in rooms up to 20,000 sq. ft. with crystal clear sound.

The Arc: For People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

One week later, the AmpliVox podium was utilized again for an event designated for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Launched in March 2016, the nation’s leading advocate for people with intellectual disabilities — The Arc — created a program to help families who experience difficulties when air-traveling.

While traveling by plane may be routine for most, the air travel experience can be particularly challenging for children & adults with autism.

Those with Autism spectrum disorders experience hypersensitivity to smell, sound, light and other behavior difficulties in the airport while traveling.

The Wings for Autism program was established in conjunction with Hartsfield-Jackson’s hospitality initiative.

Atlanta’s airport partnered with Delta Airlines, TSA, The Arc of Georgia, and The Arc of the Midland to host the second annual "Wings for Autism" Event.

On April 12th, this unique event began as two Delta Airline pilots addressed dozens of local individuals before boarding a Delta commercial aircraft, with the help of an AmpliVox 3250 Multimedia podium.

While aboard the aircraft, these passengers are given an in-flight experience, while also being informed of how to handle autistic spectrum disorders when traveling.

Whether Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is emphasizing the legacy of historical figures, or supporting distinguished causes for organizations that have a voice, hospitality and customer care are factors that separates Atlanta’s Airport from others across the country.

AmpliVox continues to provide solutions in the hospitality industry, offering quality presentations options and creating a professional appearances to help your organization be heard.

Friday, April 20, 2018

AmpliVox Remembers: Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

The legacy of Holocaust is far more than a history lesson. It is an obligation to learn the causes and implications of intolerance with a commitment that such crimes should never be allowed to take place again.

Here in the Chicago area, we are fortunate to have one of the leading Holocaust museums in the world.

The remarkable Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie, Illinois combines artifacts and documents from the Holocaust era with educational exhibits about social justice around the world.

The newly opened Take A Stand Center features a cutting edge holographic theater that enables visitors to hear life histories from a virtual Holocaust survivor and have questions answered in real time. It is a groundbreaking and moving exhibit that will preserve the stories of Holocaust survivors for generations to come.

We at AmpliVox are honored to support the Illinois Holocaust Museum and its education mission.

We recently provided an AmpliVox Acrylic Lectern that will be a centerpiece for presentations at Museum events, and we are proud sponsors of the upcoming Third Annual Race for Humanity 5K to benefit the Museum.

We hope that our partners and customers will join us in cherishing the memory of those lost in the Holocaust and take the opportunity to become educated and involved participants in the continued fight against injustice.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Versatile Lecterns Enhance Meaningful Church Services and Events

For all the activities that take place in your church – worship, education, or social – presentation tools can make the difference between satisfying and frustrating experiences. It is vital to have equipment that ensures all participants can hear and share comfortably, and it is equally important to maintain the tone and style of your church spaces. Fortunately, presentation furniture is available to fill both needs for any setting.

Different venues – large sanctuaries, intimate chapels, conference room, and outdoor areas -- require different approaches in style, power, and mobility. Lecterns and portable sound systems deliver advanced technology, including Bluetooth streaming, to amplify sound and allow music and other media to be controlled directly from familiar handheld devices. An investment in the right equipment today will ensure years of meaningful services for your clients.

Non-Sound Lecterns Combine Functionality with Great Style

Many purposes in your church can be fulfilled by elegant lecterns without sound systems. They can be used effectively in smaller service spaces, and perform well in the narthex or reception areas to hold programs, guest books, and other materials. Without the need for cords, décor choices can include a wider variety of lectern styles.

Transparent acrylic lecterns, in crystal clear or tinted finishes, provide a distinctive focal point. Elegant contemporary styles are available in a wide range of finishes to complement any space. Many can be customized with logos or religious imagery for a unique look.

Sound-Equipped Lecterns for Indoor Services

Today's presentation lecterns combine elegant design with advanced audio technology. Materials including wood laminate finishes, veneers, and solid hardwoods provide options to complement the décor of any venue. Integrated sound systems with onboard microphones and dashboard controls make it easy to adjust volume and other settings.

Height adjustability is an outstanding new development in lectern design, allowing speakers of any height to use the lectern comfortably. Silent electric lift mechanisms make height adjustments easy and unobtrusive. Other appealing features include built-in reading lights, spacious reading surfaces, and interior shelves for water or storage. Concealed rolling casters make it easy to move and position the lectern without detracting from the lectern's appearance.

Events can also be greatly enhanced with multimedia presentations, including music, video, and slideshows of treasured family photos. Multimedia lecterns make it easy to incorporate external devices like projectors and computers, with integrated shelves, power and USB outlets, Bluetooth connectivity, and convenient device storage. This increased functionality can all be accomplished in elegant, traditional furniture styles to complement your funeral home setting.

Portable Sound Equipment for Outdoor Services

Communication is particularly challenging for outdoor services, but no less meaningful for the participants. Portable sound systems solve this problem by providing powerful amplification in compact, mobile packages. These systems can also be useful in indoor settings without an established sound system or sound-equipped lectern.

Portable sound systems are available in a wide variety of sizes and power ranges. Portable systems can be remarkably compact: consider briefcase-style units that contain speakers and amplifiers, with sound coverage up to 1000 people. More powerful systems, with expanded coverage and added features like Bluetooth and multiple microphones, transport easily on wheels with luggage-style handles. Many systems can be set on tripod stands to increase their coverage.

For larger events, portable sound systems can also improve safety and efficiency. Event leaders can rely on convenient handheld megaphones to direct large groups of people and make announcements. Today's megaphones are lightweight and powerful, with rechargeable batteries that run for hours on a single charge. Look for products that include a battery indicator light to ensure that the megaphone is ready to go when needed. There are even megaphone products that combine with illuminated traffic wands to maximize visibility and safety.

Sound System Products Bring People Together

Whatever sound products you select, the main goal is to enhance the meaning and effectiveness of church activities.

Attractive lecterns set the scene for dignified services, and reliable, easy-to-operate sound equipment creates seamless experiences for your entire congregation.

With over 400 styles of lectern pulpit, AmpliVox has a style for every speaking need. Customize any lectern with your church logo.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Play Ball! AmpliVox Salutes the Start of Baseball Season

It's Opening Day baseball fans! Our Quality Assurance Intern superstar, Juliana, is ready for a new season of rooting on her favorite hometown team – the Cubs!

Harry Caray’s “Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray established a 7th inning tradition at Wrigley Field by singing this classic. AmpliVox PA's may not make you sing like Harry, but they always extend your voice with power and clarity!

AmpliVox Lecterns & PA’s to Promote & Honor Your Team
Hundreds of different lectern styles to project the image of your team in just the way you want, with your logo prominently displayed.

Powerful portable PA’s to help you extend your voice at practices, games, and ceremonies.

Choose any of our lecterns and make it your own.

Promote your company identity with a personalized lectern customized with your business logo.

AmpliVox offers custom logo solutions to add your business logo prominently on any lectern of choice.

Make your brand stand out at your next event.

A customized AmpliVox lectern with your company logo will set your organization apart while enhancing your professional presence at your conferences, business meetings and hosted events.

Unity demonstration behind a
Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern donated by AmpliVox

Yankees’ Ron Guidry in the
Ted Williams Hall Of Fame

Abbot & Costello's "Who’s on First"
This classic comedy routine long ago set standards for comedic timing and flawless delivery. Likewise, you always get great timing & delivery of high quality products from AmpliVox. Put your full confidence in our winning team!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

AmpliVox Supports 12th Annual North Suburban YMCA Strong Kids Fundraising Dinner

The North Suburban YMCA held its 12th annual Ken and Alta Thiel Strong Kids Fundraising Dinner on March 8, bringing the community together for an evening of games, food, and socializing to benefit the Y’s Strong Kids Financial Assistance Fund.

This year’s event, held at Pinstripes Bocce & Bowling in Northbrook, Illinois, raised $225,000, providing important funding that allows the Y to continue to offer impactful programs and services to all, regardless of financial need.

More than one out of five individuals at the Y – over 2,800 people – receive financial assistance through the Strong Kids Fund for afterschool programs, summer camps, swim lessons, and other wellness activities for all ages.

Since its inception, the Strong Kids Dinner has raised more than $3 million to help the community.

The gala’s theme “Be a hero!” encouraged guests to serve as everyday heroes for children in the community.

Ashley Blankstein-Delaney was awarded the NSYMCA’s Thiel Award for Leadership and Social Responsibility.

As director of business development and physician relations at Whitehall of Deerfield, Blankstein-Delaney has helped oversee Whitehall’s sponsorship of several YMCA community events, including Seniorpalooza, the Strong Kids Dinner, and Wheels vs. Wheels, an event that showcases the athletic potential of individuals with physical challenges or special needs.

The evening also honored local heroes from police, fire, and first responder departments.

For its annual fundraising gala, the North Suburban YMCA in Northbrook, Illinois turns to AmpliVox Sound Systems to make its auctions, presentations, and announcements intelligible to everyone.

AmpliVox portable sound systems provide outstanding audio coverage for this popular community event, which attracts approximately 500 guests to a massive 27,800 square foot venue with 20-foot ceilings.

As a Northbrook-based company, AmpliVox has deep roots in the community and has supported the Y for many years. AmpliVox has provided a wide assortment of sound equipment to fit the Y’s needs, from megaphones for sports and swimming events to portable systems and lecterns for programs. The Strong Kids Dinner raises particular challenges due to the size of the venue and the volubility of the audience.

"Intelligible sound is absolutely crucial to the success of this event," notes Don Roth, CEO of AmpliVox and a past YMCA board member.

"The Y needs everyone to be able to hear well in order to participate in the auction and engage in the other fundraising activities. There’s a great deal of background noise to overcome and a lot of space to cover."

AmpliVox came through for the Y with a sound design plan that met the challenges of the noisy space.

AmpliVox technicians laid out connected coverage zones that included powerful, unobtrusive units in strategic locations.

The plan used SW925 Digital Audio Travel Partner systems, augmented by S1297 Wireless Powered Dual Speakers and SC800 Titan Wireless Powered Companion Speakers.

Additional speakers carried sound to separate rooms, including the silent auction gallery and the crowded bar area.

Presenters spoke from an AmpliVox SN3500 wood and acrylic lectern on the stage which offered guests a formal and comfortable platform to share their stories about their experiences at the Y, and used wireless AmpliVox microphones to move freely and interact with the audience.

"We are always happy to support groups like the YMCA, who do such important work in our community," noted Roth.

"It’s exciting to see a challenge like this and know that we have the equipment to deliver great results. With the right planning, portable sound systems can enhance virtually any venue."

To learn more and donate to the NSYMCA Strong Kids Fund, visit http://nsymca.org/strong-kids.