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Friday, July 19, 2019

AmpliVox Helps Illinois Church Overcome Acoustic Challenges

Today, churches are increasingly built with acoustics in mind, to address the acoustic challenges associated with larger and more complex structures featuring high angular ceilings, tall blank walls, large windows, decorative architectural features, and significant variations in size from one room to another.

And, in addition to the challenges of the church structure, today’s religious organizations more frequently employ the use of electronic amplification, multimedia applications, large choral events, etc.

The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit in Lincolnshire, IL, occupies a building constructed in 1977, and whose membership has evolved to include a range of youth and adult groups, and an Adult Choir, Youth Choir, and even a “Cherub Choir” for pre-school and first grade children.

To upgrade the effectiveness of their sound system for these diverse needs, they looked to AmpliVox Sound Systems, Northbrook, IL.

AmpliVox set out to address the facility’s multiple acoustic and presentation challenges:
  • Addressing the church building’s significant reverberation with a distributed, multi- speaker system that would provide effective sound coverage by creating a “zone of sound” for each speaker area. This approach would result in a more evenly distributed Sound Pressure Level (SPL), with less incidence of acoustic hot-spots and dead areas.

  • Employing a multi-channel sound system, resulting in more control over individual sound sources – e.g., choir director, choir members, instrumental accompanists, recorded music, etc.

  • Controlling the sound from a simple, central point of access. This meant having a designated individual be able to access all sound controls from the main sanctuary seating area, or moved as desired for different events and configurations. The best solution for this involved AmpliVox’s wireless, portable PA technology.

  • As another advantage of wireless audio technology, the system could be centrally located, or moved as desired, with the unsightly appearance of wiring and equipment in the front of the sanctuary. Wireless microphones allow presenters and choral members to roam as necessary without encumbrance.
The heart of any audio project is a robust base PA system, and AmpliVox had one to offer the church in its SW925 Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus.

This self-contained, portable unit provides 250 watts of power and has two built-in 6.5 inch high performance, high efficiency woofers and a dynamic compression tweeter.

It has a built-in UHF 16 channel wireless receiver that can accommodate a wireless microphone plus a wired microphone – an advantage for applications such as a presenter at the front of the sanctuary, backed up by a choir on the side. The wireless mic can be handheld, lapel, headset, or over-the-year flesh tone.

Wireless range is up to 300 feet. The unit also has a built-in media player that can accept inputs via SD card, USB slot, or via Bluetooth from a smartphone or other device.

This makes it easy to play occasional recorded music as part of the service.

The SW925 has a Voice Enhance feature to increase crispness and clarity of vocals, and also a Voice Priority feature that reduces the volume level of background music when necessary.
Media Player - SD Card
Slot/USB Slot/Bluetooth
Optional 2nd wireless
mic receiver
Optional Wireless
Speaker Transmitter
Voice Enhance
Voice Priority
Battery Status LED's
Variable Line Out:
1/4" female
Auxiliary Inputs: 3.5mm female, Stereo RCA female, 1/4" female
Convenient quick set up guide printed on control panel
Battery Compartment
2 - SLA Batteries
Wireless Microphone 16 Channel UHF Receiver
Separate Volume, Bass, Treble Controls
USB Charging
5v, 500mA
Microphone Switch
3 Microphone Inputs, XLR 1/4", Line or Phantom, with separate volume controls
Power Switch
IEC Power Input
110-220V Auto Switching

To help provide separate “zones of sound” for the different parts of the church, an AmpliVox S1297 Satellite Wireless Powered Dual Speaker was provided.

This unit has its own 250 watt amp and receiver, and two built-in woofers and a tweeter similar to the main PA system.

Both the SW925 and S1297 are mounted on sturdy, heavy-duty tripods that elevate the speakers yet avoid a sense of clutter; they also make it easy to move the PA system and satellite speaker to different locations depending on the type of event – regular church service or choral program.

Both the SW925 and S1297 have built in wheels and extendible handle, and can operate on AC power or rechargeable batteries. Portability is a big plus for occasional church picnics and other outdoor events.

To control the sound volume and tone for multiple system inputs and outputs, the church’s Symetrix Audio system has software that can be accessed via laptop computer or tablet device that can be located anywhere within the sanctuary or adjacent areas. This eliminates the need for a bulky, space-intensive engineering sound board.

As another benefit to visual openness and a welcome feel for the church’s sanctuary, AmpliVox provided an acrylic lectern to serve as the church’s pulpit. The lectern features a see-through appearance and rugged yet light-weight construction.

Reverend Timothy Lindstrom, pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, said AmpliVox’s multi-faceted approach to the church’s presentation needs has worked to perfection.

"The AmpliVox technicians certainly understand the dynamics of creating good sound in a variety of environments.

And with the new equipment in place, our message – and our congregants voices – have never sounded better."

Friday, July 12, 2019

AmpliVox: A Commitment to “Made in America” Quality

At AmpliVox Sound Systems, we are proud that our products meet the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to durability, reliability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal has established AmpliVox as a leader in the sound equipment and presentation furniture industry.

To ensure those standards, we keep the development and manufacturing process close to home. AmpliVox maintains its own design, engineering, technology, manufacturing, and woodshop teams, all based in Northbrook, Illinois, and we strictly control the creation of every AmpliVox product from beginning to end.

In our search for the highest quality and best value, AmpliVox may source some component elements from off-shore sources. We only select vendors who share our commitment to excellence, and all imported materials are subject to rigorous testing by our in-house experts. In the interests of full transparency, products that contain non-US materials are clearly identified in our sales materials.

We firmly believe that AmpliVox’s products, predominantly made in the US, set the bar for quality and innovation in our industry. Keeping our manufacturing process close to home has ensured the character of our products, created American jobs, and inspired our employees’ pride in the results of their work. Our committed team of designers, engineers, technicians, and customer service representatives stand behind every AmpliVox product to ensure your complete satisfaction.

List of AmpliVox products Made in the USA:
Portable PA Systems

Digital Audio Travel Partner

Digital Audio Travel Partner Package



Half-Mile Hailer Kits

Audio Portable Buddy


PA System


Quad Sound

Multimedia Stereo Amplifier

All-Weather Hailer PA System

Wooden Lecterns





Patriot Plus

Multimedia Computer


Presidential Plus Lectern


Executive Adjustable Lectern

Executive Column Lectern


Multimedia Presentation Podium

Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern

Visionary Multimedia Lectern

Multimedia Smart Podium

Xpediter Adjustable Lectern Stand

Acrylic Lecterns

Clear Acrylic Lectern

Large Top Clear Acrylic Lectern

Contemporary Acrylic Lectern

Traditional RTA Acrylic Lectern

Contemporary Alumacrylic Lectern

Wood & Acrylic Floor Lectern

X Acrylic Floor Lectern

Contemporary Aluminum Lectern

Clear Acrylic and Wood Floor Lectern

Smoked Acrylic Wood Panels

Deluxe Acrylic Wood Floor Lectern

Contemporary Lecterns

Flat Jewel Mahogany Lectern

Flat Pyrenees Marble Lectern

Flat Cherry Panel Lectern

Flat Gray Granite Lectern

Flat Hardrock
Marble Lectern

Curved Gray
Granite Lectern

Curved Hardrock Maple Lectern

Curved Jewel Mahogany Lectern

Curved Cherry Panel Lectern

Tabletop Lecterns

Pinnacle Tabletop Lectern

Speak & Go Speech Mate Folding Tabletop

Travel-Lite Folding Tabletop Lectern

Victoria Tabletop Lectern

Clear Acrylic Tabletop Stand

Wired and Wireless Speakers

Wireless Powered Dual Speaker

Wireless Powered Speakers

Wireless Powered Companion

Twin-Horn Car-Top Speaker

Mity Box

Line Array

Horn Speaker without hardware

Horn Speaker with Side Mount

Horn Speaker with Top Tripod Mount

Adjustable Wall Mounting Bracket

Horn Speaker Adjustable Mount

Power Sources

NiCaD Battery

DC Adapter for Cigarette Lighter