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Friday, May 27, 2011

Republicans and Democrats Finally Agree on Something! Amplivox Sound Systems

Politics in America has become one of the most divisive issues.  Around some people, bringing up a hot-button issue or name of a politician can guarantee you a piece of their mind.

Even though the left and the right may disagree on issues like health care, taxes, and ways to balance the budget, there is one thing politicians from both sides agree on: 

The quality and professionalism of AmpliVox Sound Systems products.

1. Barack Obama and the Tea Party both were seen using Amplivox Megaphones during campaign time back in 2008.  They wanted their voices and messages to be heard, and they turned to the right place!
More information: Barack Obama and Tea Party Extend Voices With Amplivox Megaphones

2. Conservative leader and former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin chose an elegant Amplivox Pinnacle Podium to use at her farewell speech when she stepped down from being governor.

More information: Sarah Palin Chooses Amplivox PR

3.  Illinois State Senator Mark Kirk spoke out against "Pay to Play Politics" and used an Amplivox Tabletop Lectern in a Youtube Video.

More information: Mark Kirk Uses Amplivox PR

4. Illinois Representative Robert Dold paid a visit to the Amplivox office in Northbrook, IL and used a Sound Cruiser Car PA System to spread his campaign message.
More information: Local Politician Extends Voice with Sound Cruiser Car PA System

The following mentions are of politicians using lectern styles that AmpliVox produces.  Click on the links for more information!

5. California Legislature use a Pinnacle style podium when discussing the Federal Transportation bill in February of 2011. View the Amplivox Pinnacle Lectern here

More information: Click Here

6. The first picture features the three most recent Presidents of the United States of America: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush in front of the White House's Patriot-Style Lectern.  The Amplivox Patriot Podium features a professional look and many wireless microphone options.

Ironically, it was not the Amplivox Presidential Plus Lectern.

7. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice engaged in international diplomacy and was aided with a podium much like the Patriot Lectern from Amplivox.

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