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Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's a Big Deal: Famous People Having Issues in Front of a Microphone

Sometimes celebrities find themselves shoved in front of a microphone and told to speak. Other times they are trying to get an important message across and the equipment does not work. Occasionally, administrators have to make an important announcement and then mess up the names of the people they are referring to. Although we at Amplivox do not like to point and laugh, we do enjoy a good chuckle from time to time. We've posted here a few of our favorite famous mishaps while someone was in front of a microphone here on our blog. Most of these mishaps are accident. Sadly, sometimes it a person putting their foot in their mouth.

Ashlee Simpson Lip Sync's the Wrong Song:
The singer was scheduled to preform two songs on Saturday Night Live. The first song went off without a hitch, however when it came time to sing the second song, the production accidentally hit the button for the first track. What followed was Simpson's voice for the first song and her lips not moving, oops!

Former President George W. Bush Finds himself tongue tied:
President Bush had many memorable moments behind the microphone during his eight years as President. The video linked is just a small sampling of the former president struggling with a few speeches.

Top 10 Sports Name Mishaps:
This is a brief video highlighting some of the funnier moments where administrators, announcers, TV commentators, and even a former president goof up the names of athletes. My favorite is #2, 'Hoof Hearted'

Kanye West (on left) Makes a Fool of Himself:
Sometimes in live events it is hard to keep control over everyone. This happened to be the case during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video. Kayne, unhappy with the choice, decided to jump on stage, take the microphone from Ms. Swift, and proceed to make a fool of himself. Needless to say, someone should have hit the mute button on the sound board.

Vice President Biden Gets Caught with his Microphone on:
The White House decided to hold a press conference shortly after the Health Care Reform Bill was signed. Vice President Joe Biden had just finished introducing President Obama when he steps away from the microphone to give the President a congratulatory hug. As the two embrace, Vice President Biden lets a little colorful language slip and it was picked up over the microphone.

And finally,
Muse Amusing Themselves on Italian TV
The English rock band Muse was asked to lip sync one of their hit songs on an Italian TV show in 2009. The lead singer Matthew Bellamy did not like this one bit and took things into his own hands. For the show's performance, the three piece band switched instruments and faked the entire performance. During the performance, you can see that some of the guitar playing does not match the track, nor does the drumming. This is not the first time the band has done this. Although this is not a case where a mishap or goof took place, it is still really funny.

Anytime you need a good laugh, come back to this post. Anytime you need great portable sound equipment, visit us at Ampli.com.